Web Technologies (Summer 2018)

13 Jul 2018 , first release: 14 Mar 2018

This project is about common technologies used to build (part) of web information systems. The project course is given for students at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (in german language). The course covers following aspects:

  • descriptional languages for web content like HTML
  • presentational languages for web content like CSS
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • client and server side programming with Dart
  • progressive web app and offline capabilities of web pages
  • gyroscope based controls

Students apply their intensified web programming skills by developing a small one person, DOM-tree based (that means not canvas based) online game like Tetris or Boulder Dash.

Course Material (german only)

  • Unit 01: HTML + DOM-Tree + CSS
  • Unit 02: Dart I (Dart as full purpose programming language)
  • Unit 03: Dart II (Client- and server-side programming)
  • Self Study Unit 04: HTTP and REST
  • Add-On Unit 05: Progressive Web Apps and more with Dart
  • Reference game: SnakeDart (another game has to be developped using Dart)
  • Reference mobile “game”: Shadow Hunter (used to demonstrate progressive web app features and gyroscope control on mobile devices)

Game outcomes

The following teams formed up released the following interesting mobile game implementations. To have a look on the hall-of-fame of former semesters might be interesting as well.

Group 1

  • Team 1.A: Klick Mich (not released for public)
  • Team 1.B: Battle City
  • Team 1.C: Tetris 360°
  • Team 1.D: Dart Jump (placed 2nd in group)
  • Team 1.E: Mexican Jones [sadly keyboard control on desktop browsers seems buggy]
  • Team 1.F: Brick Out
  • Team 1.G: Swipe and Move (surrendered)
  • Team 1.H: Pingu (placed 1st in group, Final Five, Hall of Fame (2nd))

Group 2

  • Team 2.A: Australia Simulator (placed 1st in group, Final Five, Hall of Fame (1st))
  • Team 2.B: Dart Rogue
  • Team 2.C: Star Droid (surrendered)
  • Team 2.D: Donkey Jump (surrendered)
  • Team 2.E: Path Puzzle (not released for public)
  • Team 2.F: Place a Bomb (surrendered)
  • Team 2.G: Grid Shift (placed 2nd in group, Final Five, Hall of Fame (3rd)) [sadly keyboard control on some desktop browsers seems buggy]

Group 3

  • Team 3.A: RabbitRinth
  • Team 3.B: Color Jump (placed 2nd in group)
  • Team 3.C: Warships [sadly some images not working due to German special character encoding problems like in “flugzeugträger.png”]
  • Team 3.D: Outbreak (surrendered)
  • Team 3.E: Battle City (placed 1st in group, Final Five)
  • Team 3.F: SmurfsGoneWild [sadly some images (drag icon) not working due to wrong relative paths]
  • Team 3.G: Space Babel (not released for public)
  • Team 3.H: Jumpy Run

Group 4