Web Technologies (Summer 2016)

11 Jul 2016 , first release: 11 Apr 2016

This project is about common technologies used to build (part) of web information systems. The project course is given for students at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (in german language). The course covers following aspects:

  • descriptional languages for web content like HTML
  • presentational languages for web content like CSS
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • client and server side programming with Dart
  • security aspects like HTML/SQL injections or session hijacking
  • REST-based APIs

Students apply their intensified web programming skills by developing a small one person, DOM-tree based (that means not canvas based) online game like Tetris or Boulder Dash.

Course Material (german only)

  • HTML Unit: HTML and CSS
  • Dart Unit: Part 1, Part 2
  • REST and HTTP Unit: REST
  • An exemplary reference game: SnakeDart (another game has to be developped using Dart)
  • An exemplary REST-based Key-Value Store: Gamekey (has to be reimplemented in Dart)

Game outcomes