About Controls

- Use play Button to play and reset Button to reset the game.
- Use next level Button to go to the next level game and replay Button to replay the game.
- Desktop: use a mouse to add and shoot the Ball.
- Mobile: touch on the screen to add and shoot the Ball

How to play

- Shoot all the Ball to have as possible more points to play the next level. Shoot the Ball of same color and if tree Ball of same color stand side by side, most to be dropped.
Have tree Bomb. The vertical, horizontal and for the normal.
- Horizontal Bomb: explode all in the horizontal line
- Vertical Bomb: explode all in the vertical line
- Normal Bomb: explode all Ball for the same color


Fachhochschule Luebeck University of Applied Sciences Web technology Project 2017,
by Hendrik Schäfer & Alex Stephane Tchiengue Diepa

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