Tour de Dart (Part II)

28 Feb 2014

This is the second part of the Tour de Dart (german). Part I focused the language Dart itself and had a look at the optional type system, data types, functions, operators, object oriented concepts, and generics of the programming language Dart.

Second part will concentrate on further aspects like library system and package manager pub, asynchronous programming, file I/O, DOM tree programming including selectors and event handling, server and client side programming covering how to develop http servers, client applications and how to use websockets. Also data converting (JSON, Base64) is explained as well as HTML escaping to prevent cross site scripting. Bonus: a simple chat server example to demonstrate websockets. Example is provided via github and for free.

To get the most out of the second part of survey you should be familiar with at least one programming language, the concepts of object oriented programming and you should have first programming experience with Dart or you should have studied first part of this survey. Basic knowledge of web programming is helpful but not mandatory.

Second part of the survey will cover following aspects:

  • Library system of dart including package manager pub
  • Asynchronous programming covering futures, streams and isolates
  • File I/O covering files and directories
  • HTML covering selectors, DOM-Tree access and manipulation as well as event handling
  • Server and client side programming covering HttpServer, Sinatra inspired webframework Start and websockets
  • Data converting covering escaping HTML to prevent cross site scripting, decoding and encoding of JSON, base64 encoding and decoding, hashfunction (CryptoUtils).

For demonstration purposes there has been developed a simple chat server and client. You can access the source code of this example via the following links: