2017 Sep

A List of Serverless Frameworks (blog entry)

2017 Jul

And the winner is ... Dynamite Man (blog entry)

2017 Jun

Web Technologies (Summer 2017) (lecture entry)

2017 Apr

Smuggling Multi-Cloud Support into Cloud-native Applications using Elastic Container Platforms (blog entry)
Cloud-native Apps (blog entry)

2017 Feb

Eine spielerische Einführung in das Computational Thinking (thesis entry)
#BTW17 (research entry)

2017 Jan

Autoscaling für elastische Container Plattformen (thesis entry)

2016 Dec

Präsentations-Modus für Eclipse (Presentation Mode for Eclipse) (thesis entry)

2016 Nov

Entwurf und Entwicklung eines generischen Multisensor Trackers (thesis entry)

2016 Oct

Valuable Swarm Links (blog entry)
Valuable Kubernetes Links (blog entry)
Programming I (Winter 2016) (lecture entry)
Fundamentals of Programming (Winter 2016) (lecture entry)
Analyse und Integration von Storage-Clustern in elastische Container Plattformen (thesis entry)

2016 Sep

What to do if your cloud is burning (blog entry)
ClouNS - A Cloud-native Application Reference Model for Enterprise Architects (blog entry)

2016 Jul

And the winner is ... NAMCAP (blog entry)
Open4ssh (blog entry)

2016 Apr

Container- and Cluster Technologies for Microservices (blog entry)
Web Technologies (Summer 2016) (lecture entry)
Programming II (Summer 2016) (lecture entry)
Advanced Programming (Summer 2016) (lecture entry)
ppbench - A Visualizing Network Benchmark for Microservices (blog entry)

2016 Mar

Erstellung und Umsetzung eines Konzepts zur Verbesserung von automatischen Tests (thesis entry)
Automatisierte Auswertung von Programmier-Praktika (thesis entry)

2015 Nov

New Paper: How to Operate Container Clusters more Efficiently? (blog entry)

2015 Sep

Programming I (Winter 2015) (lecture entry)
Fundamentals of Programming (Winter 2015) (lecture entry)

2015 Jul

And the winner is ... TETRIS (blog entry)

2015 Jun

New Paper: About Automatic Benchmarking of IaaS Cloud Service Providers for a World of Container Clusters (blog entry)

2015 Apr

Sperrvermerke bei Abschlussarbeiten (blog entry)

2015 Mar

About Microservices, Containers and their Underestimated Impact on Network Performance (blog entry)
Web Technologies (Summer 2015) (lecture entry)
Programming II (Summer 2015) (lecture entry)
Advanced Programming (Summer 2015) (lecture entry)

2015 Jan

Some Links to Consider when Writing a Paper (blog entry)

2014 Nov

Ping Pong (blog entry)

2014 Oct

Betriebssystemunabhängiger Touchscreen Aufbau auf Basis kostengünstiger Consumerprodukte (thesis entry)
Reactive Bluetooth Low Energy Framework for iOS (thesis entry)
New Paper: Lightweight Virtualization Cluster (blog entry)

2014 Sep

Easy MySQL with Docker (blog entry)
Programming I (Winter 2014) (lecture entry)
Fundamentals of Programming (Winter 2014) (lecture entry)
Database and Web Programming (Winter 2014) (lecture entry)

2014 Aug

Valuable Docker Links (blog entry)

2014 Jul

Programming II (Summer 2014) (lecture entry)

2014 Jun

Cloud TRANSIT (research entry)
Research Assistant (Cloud Computing) (blog entry)

2014 May

Action Item Ontology (thesis entry)

2014 Mar

Analysis of Legacy Code (Analyse von Legacy Code) (thesis entry)
Analysis of Mouse Data (Analyse von Mausdaten) (thesis entry)
Dart meets Docker (how to dockerize dart apps) (blog entry)
Extension of PumpScanner with an interface for Bluetooth communications with the PSCommunicator (thesis entry)
Web Technologies (Summer 2014) (lecture entry)

2014 Feb

Tour de Dart (Part II) (blog entry)
Pragmatic post parameter handling in start (blog entry)
Kinect to Touch Control Framework (thesis entry)
Parallel Map for Dart (blog entry)
Rebuild of a flash game using JavaScript (thesis entry)
Tour de Dart (Part I) (blog entry)

2013 Nov

Evaluierung von Cross Mobile Frameworks (thesis entry)

2013 Aug

Systematisches Testen von Mobile Applikationen (thesis entry)

2012 Sep

Database-based Web Server Programming (Winter 2012) (lecture entry)
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